Our farm houses around a hundred cows. Take a look around the free stall barn, where our cows are being fed or peacefully rechewing their food. In summer they wander around in the meadows behind the farm, because we find grazing very important. Two robots take care of the milking of the cows. You can also take a look at our young stock barn , where the calves are. And with a bit of luck you may witness the yearlings dancing around the meadow for the first time in the spring!

The farms holds 64 acres  of land. The majority is grass lands of which we make silage in the summer as a winter reserve for the cows. Additionally we grow corn as forage. The clay grounds along the IJssel are very fertile. Our land by the river is part of an internationally recognized nature reserve called the IJsselvallei.

The Bissems Hofstede dates back to the seventeenth century. The company started as a branch of a nearby medieval monastery farm. The name of our farm refers to the medieval dutch word bissen, which means the restless running of cows. There is a farm biography of the Bissems Hofstede containing lots of stories and anecdotes about farm life in the IJssel region of the past century. Of course, you can flip through the book in our guest accommodation.